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Take a minute to read the message displayed by Flash Builder as shown in the image below. You will observe that a sample PHP file will be create and the service settings will be updated to point the newly created PHP file as shown in the image below. You will see a window displayed, saying Zend AMF library will be installed as shown in the image below. Flash Builder will deploy the Zend AMF on your PHP server.

Once the installation completes, Flash Builder will display a message.

Download the updated the PHP file from this URL txt and replace the generated file.

Note: Please set the username, password, server, port, tablename and databasename variables in Sample Configuring return type In this step we will test the operation and configure the return type on the client i.e.

You can chose an existing data type or let the Flash Builder generate VO classes based on the response from the server.

Let’s leave it to the Flash Builder to generate required VO classes based on the server response as shown in the image below. You can see the response from the server in the window as shown in the image below.

we will specify what type of object to create with the response from the server.

Completing the PHP class generated The PHP class generated by the Flash Builder contains skeleton code to connect to a database.

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This application has been configured to compile the output to the tomcat web application folder.

Now that we have done developing the files required on both the client and the server. Configuring Blaze DS Navigate to tomcat/webapps/blazeds/WEB-INF/flex and open the file

Let’s see how this is making developers productive.



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